Will Ferrell, ‘Downhill’ Team Praise Smart Intentionality of Star and Producer Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter, originally published on February 13, 2020 by Abbey White:

With two very funny and very experienced Hollywood heavyweights leading the cast, it should come as no surprise that the feeling on the set of Searchlight’s Downhill was one its young star Julian Grey described as “so much fun.”

Working with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus meant improvisation was a daily occurrence, a prop or two may have broken in the name of art and keeping a straight face was a real test of dramatic will, Grey explained Wednesday on the SVA Theater red carpet for the film’s New York premiere. The energy was often high, but the cast and crew behind the film say that that wasn’t just due to the comedic skills of its stars.

In fact, Grey says audiences shouldn’t expect hours of laughs when they go see the film, an adaptation of Ruben Östlund’s critically acclaimed and award-winning Force Majeure. The story deals in as much American comedy as “very serious” and “heartbreaking” subject matter, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter.

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